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Tees for Trees July 02 2015


T-me are proud to announce our TEES FOR TREES campaign!

We will plant a Tree for EVERY item we sell, simple.

T-me has partnered with Trees for the Future to help the environment and change people's lives.

For more info please visit www.t-me.co.uk/pages/teefortrees or trees.org

Thank you to our loyal customers for making a difference.



Malik used to farm field crops like peanuts and maize. All he had to show for decades of hard work, though, was barren land with dying soils. Like millions of other subsistence farmers, he was never able to produce enough to feed his family for the year, much less put anything into savings. Driven by hunger, he used to raid the local forest for wood and fruit, gathering anything he could eat or sell. Malik would also search for work in markets across Senegal, attempting to earn tips by pushing wheelbarrows and carrying boxes.


Three years after starting to work with Trees for the Future, Malik has a Forest Garden System with 2,463 trees. They yield something of value to harvest, eat, trade or sell every day of the year. With the 13 new species growing in his fields, he generated over $1,200 in 2014 – five times more than what maize and peanut farmers earn from the same amount of land. Today, Malik does not need to leave his village to work. He is no longer away from his family for weeks or months at a time. His family, including five children, is well-fed and Malik is now starting to save money — a dream he did not think was possible to realize in the village of his birth.

Get ready for the Launch! May 13 2013

T-me is excited to announce the imminent arrival of our new look website and on-line store

We are always striving to give our customers the best experience possible and have been working hard to launch a fresh new site that we feel our customers deserve.

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