Designers wanted

This is your opportunity to turn your designs or great ideas for T-shirts into T-shirts.

Simple email your design to us, we will see what we think and if we like it we will PRINT it and send you a free T-shirt with your design on.

Then we will put the design on our website for others to enjoy and for every T-shirt we print with your design we will send you some MONEY, £1 per T-shirt.

So if you come up with a classic design such as the famous Wolf T-shirt  you could make thousands!

There are a couple of Basic rules though:

Your design must be authentic (No copying Mickey Mouse now)

The design has to be in a digital format, i.e. a jpeg, png file, Photoshop file etc

Please make your designs at least 200 dpi

Remember, we can Print whatever you can imagine

If you are interested, get designing, send us your design and we'll get straight back to you